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One benefit to being a Presbyterian minister is having lengthy summer vacations.  When I go back to [...]

South Africa’s ‘Silicon Cape’ is where some of the world’s leading technology is developed. In fact, [...]

My perspective on sexual reproductive health rights changed forever in 2011 when I visited a small v [...]

It is a happy coincidence that the day the Commonwealth turns 70 is also the day I turn 28. This did [...]

800 young people joined the Her Majesty The Queen, Head of the Commonwealth and senior Members of Th [...]

International Women's Day (8th March 2019) is a global day celebrating the achievements of wome [...]

“Alex, you are so lucky to be going to all of these incredible events and have these amazing opportu [...]

A whirlwind Winners’ Week was held this November in London, to recognise the hard work and talent of [...]

Globalisation has allowed society, on the surface, to be connected like never before. High-speed int [...]

Trade is back on the agenda. Following the UK’s vote to leave the European Union and the election of [...]

Throughout the world, education is being reconsidered, restructured and re-planned in an effort to i [...]

Is it really over a month since The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition deadline? As one of this [...]

Despite some progress, patriarchal cultures, laws, and values continue to marginalise women, girls a [...]

The Barbados Horticultural Society first exhibited at the Chelsea Flower Show in 1984, when they won [...]

London has just spent a week acting as host to 52 other heads of state and prime ministers, with a s [...]

In January, 25 LGBT activists were in London for Advocacy Week with the help of The Kaleidoscope Tru [...]

As in most walks of life, outcomes in global health and education are improved through collaboration [...]

Outbound Indian tourism is booming, yet while Indian visitor numbers in France have never been highe [...]

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) individuals across the world, and particularly [...]

Democracy, good governance and the rule of law are fundamental values for the Commonwealth. The Comm [...]

The Commonwealth is full of potential, with over one billion young people ready and willing to build [...]

As an Associate Fellow and Queen’s Young Leader alumnus, my advocacy in the UK focuses on tackling f [...]

My journey with the Commonwealth began  at 14 years old when I entered The Commonwealth Essay Compet [...]

Human rights are a fundamental principle of the Commonwealth Charter, which affirms a commitment to [...]

Of the 2.4 billion citizens that make up the Commonwealth, over 60% of the Commonwealth are under th [...]

In 2018 the Commonwealth will hit a number of profile-raising high points: the Gold Coast in Austral [...]

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition Winners Week was held in November in celebration of four [...]

In the second in a new series of blogs we map the Commonwealth organisations that are leading on fig [...]

I have, in my book, Unravelling the Kashmir Knot, relied primarily on declassified British archives [...]

In the first in a new series of blogs we map the Commonwealth organisations that are leading on busi [...]

Education in the Commonwealth is a heterogeneous entity; from the world-leading schools in Singapore [...]

In 2018, the United Kingdom will be hosting the largest ever gathering of Heads of Government in the [...]

India and Pakistan achieved their independence from Britain 70 years ago, through the partitioning o [...]

Small states make up the majority of the Commonwealth; 32 out of 52. However, while 15 of 20 members [...]

On 10 June, the Queen’s Baton for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018 made its official visit to [...]

In 2013, for the first time since the Second World War, the United Nations reported that the number [...]

The International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia is commemorated on 17th May every [...]

The Commonwealth commits itself to ‘peaceful, open dialogue and the free flow of information, includ [...]

In September 2015, the countries of the United Nations agreed to the Sustainable Development Goals, [...]

Hello there! Are you a young person, looking to join The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition? Or [...]

This week marks a year to go until the next Commonwealth Heads’ of Government Meeting (CHOGM). Renam [...]

I have recently returned from a three-week tour of Australia to promote my first book. I was at the [...]

The Commonwealth represents a unique example of change. From what was once territories forming the B [...]

Let’s rewind to 11th September, 2001. I was five months pregnant with my oldest child when news of t [...]

As a child, I saw images, heard stories of children who lived in the midst of war. I thought about h [...]

In preparation for The Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition 2017, The Royal Commonwealth Soci [...]

In this piece, A-Level student Anna Yang profiles her experience of a youth employment initiative in [...]

2016 was a year of seismic global developments, which will begin to take effect in the next 12 month [...]

The previous year brought with it many successes for the Royal Commonwealth Society. Amid undeniable [...]

On Monday 21st November 2016 The Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) together with The Bar Council of E [...]

In observance of the 16 Days of Activism campaign, The Royal Commonwealth Society will be posting a [...]

It is often said that the Commonwealth and the Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) within it must be co [...]

As reported elsewhere on this website, the 2016 International Meeting of the RCS was held in London [...]

Over the last century, climate change has increasingly come to the forefront of many political and p [...]

Winners’ Week for The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2016 continues, with three action-packe [...]

Gauri Kumar, Esther Mungalaba, and Tan Wan Gee, three of the Winners and Runners-up of The Queen’s C [...]

The week of 24-27 October is Winners’ Week for The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2016. Thre [...]

The 2016 International Meeting of The Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) took place in London from 3rd [...]

The Victoria Cross (VC) is Britain’s highest award for gallantry. Of the 1,358 Victoria Crosses issu [...]

Today, 8 September, has been designated as International Literacy Day, the day when the world focuse [...]

When Joseph Muscat, Malta’s Labour Prime Minister, attended the Commonwealth Heads of Government Mee [...]

Following her recent appointment as Secretary of State for International Development in Theresa May’ [...]

“The death penalty has no place in the 21st century”, declared UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon in 2 [...]

It is not often that six remarkable people gather in a room to discuss a body of young people’s writ [...]

After a long campaign the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union through a h [...]

The Royal Commonwealth Society welcomes the new appointments to the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Of [...]

I first started working on the issue of ending child marriage three years ago, supporting my colleag [...]

The Commonwealth is home to one third of the world’s population, and nearly two thirds of these indi [...]

The 29th May is the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers, a day designated to remember t [...]

The Royal Commonwealth Society and the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple hosted a seminar on th [...]

The Royal Commonwealth Society has launched a new report providing a range of good practice from pol [...]

I have been a part of The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition for four years now. The past few ye [...]

On Monday, 14th March 2016 hundreds of British children joined the Royal Family, High Commissioners [...]

The Commonwealth is a unique alliance of countries, once ruled by Britain and now united by a common [...]

Deaf people are often isolated both socially and within mainstream society. The majority of Deaf chi [...]

Over the recent years, we have been experiencing a shift in the demographic profile of our populatio [...]

11th February 2016 is the first ‘International Day of Women and Girls in Science’. It is in response [...]

Across international politics, narratives and understandings of contemporary situations are constant [...]

To me, Australia Day mainly means a day off at the beach with mates, probably enjoying a beer, a bar [...]

I was so amazed when I heard that I was the Junior winner of The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competit [...]

This year on Monday 14 March (Commonwealth Day), the Royal Commonwealth Society will be celebrating [...]

As a New Year dawns there is much to reflect on and look ahead to in the Commonwealth. Below we look [...]

As a member of the Commonwealth Youth and Gender Equality Network (CYGEN) I chose to take part in th [...]

I was very excited to learn I was senior winner in the 2015 essay competition and the prize – a ‘win [...]

It was an ambition come true for me and the Isle of Man Stamps & Coins division of Isle of Man P [...]

From the 21st to the 29th November the Commonwealth descended on Malta for the 24th Commonwealth Hea [...]

65 major interviews with leading figures in the recent history of the Commonwealth are now available [...]

“China is vital to our future”, the Chancellor George Osborne told the Tories at their conference, b [...]

The Out of the Blue competition received a staggering number of photographs of great diversity, both [...]

The Commonwealth is a network of diversity. From the difference in size between the giant of India a [...]

This month the Royal Commonwealth Society and the Royal Over-Seas League convened the panel discussi [...]

Day Three of #CWEssayComp Winners’ Week On Wednesday, after two days taking part in very London-cent [...]

Joining the rush of morning commuters, Paraschos, Tawanda, Nathan and Martina kick-started their Tue [...]

Today we were delighted to welcome to London the Winners and Runners-Up of The Queen’s Commonwealth [...]

It is generally opined that Sri Lankan politics had its phoenix moment as the January 8th presidenti [...]

The Commonwealth hosts a multitude of countries that each face unique challenges. Some Commonwealth [...]

At the recent 'A View to CHOGM' event convened by the Royal Commonwealth Society, a promin [...]

A recent discussion convened by the Royal Commonwealth Society at the Cypriot High Commission, ‘A Vi [...]

Child marriage has gained significant traction in the international community in recent years. It is [...]

Monday 15th June 2015, marked the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta by King John a [...]

  “Human rights are not a gift or charity. No one is giving you anything.” On the first day of a gat [...]

We arrived in the UK on 2nd May, 22 parliamentarians and officials from 12 Commonwealth nations, to [...]

The final day of the Commonwealth Youth Gender and Equality Network (CYGEN) forum saw the culminatio [...]

Days three and four of the Commonwealth Youth Gender and Equality Network Forum started with high pr [...]

Day Two of the Commonwealth Youth Gender and Equality Network launch forum saw some more in-depth di [...]

Today we launched the Commonwealth Youth Gender and Equality Network, the first youth network in the [...]

The UK’s The Telegraph newspaper has reported 1,750 people as having died attempting to reach Europe [...]

The Commonwealth and global security concerns are scarcely mentioned together and yet they share a s [...]

The 2015 general elections in Nigeria started gradually from the beginning of last year 2014. Fourte [...]

A recent meeting convened by the Royal Commonwealth Society drew attention to an important, but larg [...]

Last week,  Mr Lee Kuan Yew, first Prime Minister of Singapore, died at the age of 91. Selina Xu fro [...]

Over the past ten years calls to improve the rights and opportunities of lesbian, gay, bisexual and [...]

On the 1st of May 2015, The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition will close for entry. Commonwealt [...]

Earlier today, Her Majesty The Queen and Their Royal Highnesses The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of [...]

One could almost be forgiven for thinking that we currently live in the era of the ‘big’ judging fro [...]

We are all lucky as members of the Commonwealth to share the same core values and to be part of an o [...]

In September 2014, Selina Xu was announced to be the Senior Runner-up of the Commonwealth Essay Comp [...]

The final day of CPA UK’s conference ‘Human Rights in the Modern Day Commonwealth: Magna Carta to Co [...]

Yesterday UK Commonwealth Minister Rt Hon. Hugo Swire MP opened day two of CPA UK’s Magna Carta to C [...]

Last night, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) UK’s conference ‘Magna Carta to Commonw [...]

A few days ago a former commander in the notorious Ugandan armed group the Lord’s Resistance Army (L [...]

Max de Bourcier, Junior Winner of the Commonwealth Essay Competition 2014, took part in winner’s wee [...]

action/2015 is a global campaign calling for concrete actions and ambitious agreements for people an [...]

2015 is set to be a busy and important year for the Commonwealth. Below we take a look at the big ev [...]

Teachers' reflections on last year’s Observance: ‘On return to school the children related thei [...]

The 6th Commonwealth Youth Parliament, organised by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, titl [...]

In November 2014, Raniya Hosain, Senior Winner of the 2014 Commonwealth Essay Competition was invite [...]

10th December marks Human Rights Day, set aside annually to mark the date on which the United Nation [...]

Last week was international civil society week. This initiative, championed by Civicus, seeks to ‘co [...]

Visit to Cambridge - Day Four After a busy week of activities, meetings and a visit to Buckingham Pa [...]

Commonwealth Essay Competition winners with The Duchess of Cornwall Throughout Winners’ Week anticip [...]

Visit to the Evening Standard and The Independent - Day Two Tuesday was a wet and windy start to the [...]

  Writing Workshop, Day One On Monday 17th November, we were delighted to welcome the Winners and Ru [...]

Today, we mark the centenary of the First World War, and remember all of those who gave their lives [...]

    The Commonwealth prides itself on its familial relations, its shared language and its common his [...]

As Canadians, on most people's minds is that a member of our Armed Forces, Corporal Nathan Ciri [...]

Today, October 16th is Blog Action Day. Running since 2007, this year’s theme is inequality. Below w [...]

The Commonwealth is an association of nations that links fifty-three sovereign states, six continent [...]

The Royal Commonwealth Society became a member of Girls Not Brides in September this year.  Girls No [...]

From July 17-20th the Commonwealth Youth Leadership Programme under the name 33Fifty took part in Sc [...]

On 26th September Fiji’s suspension from the Commonwealth was fully lifted following democratic elec [...]

Global leaders gathered in New York on Tuesday, ahead of the 69th session of the UN General Assembly [...]

In a week of democratic decisions in the Commonwealth, the most headline grabbing has been the Scott [...]

The first lines of Article One of the Commonwealth Charter read, “We recognise the inalienable right [...]

The Royal Commonwealth Society has just met with Sierra Leonean and Liberian diaspora groups to disc [...]

The results of the 2014 Commonwealth Essay Competition were announced on the 9th September 2014, and [...]

Straight from his Google Hangout with Princes William and Harry to launch the Queen’s Young Leaders [...]

The Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Act 2014 has grown in notoriety from its tabling in Parliament to its [...]

The XX Commonwealth Games 2014 took place in Glasgow, Scotland from July 23rd through to August 2nd, [...]

Former diplomat Sir Ronald Sanders discusses the demise of the Commonwealth Business Council and the [...]

Young leaders from around the Commonwealth gathered in Scotland for the RCS and Common Purpose’s 33F [...]

The XX Commonwealth Games are now over and Glasgow has handed the ‘baton’ over to the Gold Coast in [...]

The XX Commonwealth Games, hosted in Glasgow, have officially come to an end after 11 days of strong [...]

The Girl Summit took place on 22nd July, fittingly, in a school with a student population from diver [...]

The 2015 deadline for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – which were established by the United [...]

Elaine Sim, a Malaysian student studying in the UK, discusses her experience of the issues faced by [...]

The issue of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender rights is a contentious one in the world. In recen [...]

On 22nd July the UK government and UNICEF will hold the Girl Summit, aimed at mobilising efforts to [...]

As in previous years, the 2014 Commonwealth Essay Competition run by the Royal Commonwealth Society [...]

On Monday 23rd June, the world was shocked by an Egyptian court’s decision to hand down substantial [...]

The experience and legacy of the British Empire is central to the shared history of the Commonwealth [...]

The final day of the fringe at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict saw discussions [...]

Day two of the Global Summit had all of the buzz and excitement of the first day, but with a greater [...]

The fringe is an incredible array of performance, art installations, silent cinema, intense discussi [...]

  On Monday, Narendra Modi will be sworn in as Prime Minister of India, following the biggest electi [...]

Narendra Modi has run a successful campaign that has reached out broadly across India. Despite this, [...]

With the Beverly Hills City Council condemning the Sultan of Brunei for introducing Sharia Law in th [...]

Today, the shocking news has been revealed that in addition to the 270 girls taken by Boko Haram in [...]

The Royal Commonwealth Society panel discussion “The Commonwealth and Human Rights; Priorities from [...]

Last Monday the world remembered one of the most terrible events of the late 20th Century. The date [...]

The UN Special Envoy on Global Education, Gordon Brown, yesterday launched the Worldwide Emergency C [...]

Baroness Warsi was scheduled to address guests at the Royal Commonwealth Society's event on [...]

An event on human rights, held at the Foreign Office, and including eminent speakers from across the [...]

New Zealand Commonwealth Day was observed in both Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand. An Observanc [...]

It hardly seems possible that almost two years have passed since the London 2012 Olympic and Paralym [...]

On Wednesday 12 March we received a special visit to our new offices from Her Majesty The Queen, and [...]

‘We live in a world of infinite complexity and yet one which demands simplicity. Everything is compl [...]

Earlier today, Her Majesty The Queen and Their Royal Highnesses The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of [...]

Driving a car around India for three months is quite an achievement and so it was a great honour for [...]

As an enthusiastic supporter of the Commonwealth, and as the British Minister responsible for it, I [...]

We are excited to announce that Laura Mvula will perform at the Commonwealth Day Observance on Monda [...]

Left to right: Mr. Lloyd Byrne, President RCS Victoria; Catherine Hronakis (Sr Silver award); Mrs. I [...]

On 11th of December 2013, many of us in India were rendered criminal by the Supreme Court of India, [...]

Australian and Canadian teachers and their families meeting up at the Commonwealth Day Observance at [...]

RCS in Hong Kong AGM, 23rd January 2014 On 23 January 2014, the Royal Commonwealth Society in Hong K [...]

Back row L to R Dean Jackson [2013 SCHOGM Secretary-General], Katherine McIndoe, Cassandra Shih [Pol [...]

We are delighted to announce that Lord Coe, one of Britain's most celebrated middle-distance ru [...]

Tanzanian Abu Bakar is the latest young person to sign the 33Fifty Baton Book. At a reception held b [...]

Recipients of gold, silver and bronze awards for the 2013 Commonwealth Essay Competition were celebr [...]

L-R: Mr Takow, Mrs Anne Hiom Takow, Adam Best QBR Team in Cameroon The Baton Book, an initiative pro [...]

RCS Hong Kong Christmas Drinks 2013 The Royal Commonwealth Society in Hong Kong had its Christmas dr [...]

Tabitha being interviewed by the BBC during winners' week I am proud to have won the junior sec [...]

Nelson Mandela at the Royal Commonwealth Society  It is with sadness that the Royal Commonwealth Soc [...]

  The RCS held its annual Commonwealth Carol Service at a packed St Martin-in-the-Fields Church in T [...]

The University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) is currently inviting submissions and registrati [...]

Right on the heels of a week spent in London to celebrate her winning the top prize in this year’s C [...]

Guest speaker Richard Uku, Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Commonwealth Secretariat, [...]

Awards Evening Katherine McIndoe, Tabitha Carr, Rt Hon Sir Lockwood Smith KMZM PhD Last night in the [...]

The biennial Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM) was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka from 15 - 17th [...]

 On Friday 18th October, two students from Coleg Gwent's Crosskeys campus attended a reception [...]

Commonwealth High Level Meeting on Child Marriage 26th June 2013, L-R, Mr Mike Lake, Ms Nazma Kabir, [...]

12 year old Tabitha Carr, the Junior Winner of this year's Commonwealth Essay Competition, has [...]

On Wednesday 9th October, the Royal Commonwealth Society in Hong Kong welcomed 30 members to the Hon [...]

From left to right: RCS Wellington President, Darryl Stevens MNZM; Commonwealth Youth NZ Deputy Dire [...]

Katherine McIndoe, the Senior Prize Winner of the 2013 Commonwealth Essay Competition, recently met [...]

This year has been a record-breaking year for the Commonwealth Essay Competition. Not only has the c [...]

Today, the Scottish Government announced £60,000 of investment for "33Fifty: The Commonwealth Y [...]

When Britain began its first attempts to join the European Community in 1961, a major issue for poli [...]

As announced on 28 February 2013, the Council of the Royal Commonwealth Society has exchanged contra [...]

Global figures united on 26th June in a call to help end child marriage across the Commonwealth. The [...]

The Royal Commonwealth Society was recently represented at the 150th Highland Games by the Vancouver [...]

Foreign Office Minister, the RT Hon Hugo Swire MP, has attened the Commonwealth Youth Ministers [...]

A poem was specially commissioned for Commonwealth Day 2013 by Afro-Guyanese poet John Agard. ' [...]

Students from Lincoln Castle Academy recently interviewed Sir Richard Branson, asking him questions [...]

  The Royal Commonwealth Society was proud to support the launch of the Commonwealth School Enterpri [...]

Director of the Royal Commonwealth Society, Michael Lake, has today reaffirmed that the modern Commo [...]

People-to-people and government-to-government connections are what make the Commonwealth and nowhere [...]