Pakistani Ambassador to Ireland discusses Ireland’s relationship with the Commonwealth

HE Dr Rizwan, Pakistani Ambassador to Ireland hosted a special event in Dublin on 13 March 2017. The occasion marked Commonwealth Day and mirrored events around the world that celebrated the values and work of the modern Commonwealth of Nations. Ambassador Rizwan emphasised the shared heritage that Ireland holds with member-nations within the Commonwealth.


Ambassador Rizwan added that across history, nations and peoples throughout Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa have settled and influenced other nations. These practices reflect the context of wealth, culture, and societies at those times in history. However, Ireland, like Pakistan, is a proud Republic and the countries of the modern Commonwealth of Nations share so much with each other and have so much to give and receive from each other.


He emphasised that like any other Commonwealth country, Ireland, though a former member of the Commonwealth, is linked with those in the Commonwealth in so many ways. Ireland, along with all Commonwealth countries, shares an appreciation for science, rationality and human rights; along with shared parliamentary values, and common language, legal, commercial, business, sporting and trade connections.


The Ambassador closed by remarking that by coming together for the common good, the development of peace, harmony and progress through cooperation can thrive.