Commonwealth Day in Ireland 2019

Commonwealth Day in Ireland 2019

This year’s Commonwealth Day was celebrated around the world on 11 March and the occasion was once again marked in Ireland.

The Nigerian Embassy in Ireland, in association with RCS Ireland, were delighted to host a large multi-national gathering in Dublin to reflect Ireland’s enduring bonds with a Commonwealth of 53 nations, 32 of which are republics.

This special event saw Commonwealth Ambassadors in Ireland being joined by Irish politicians, business leaders, journalists, solicitors, healthcare professionals, academics, and others.

The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria H.E. (Dr) Mrs. Emenike provided the keynote address. She spoke eloquently of the enduring and strong links between Nigeria and Ireland, whilst emphasising the wonderful benefits experienced by countries who share membership of the Commonwealth.

Ambassador Emenike conveyed the common values and social bonds that are shared across each country in the Commonwealth, including democracy, human rights, tolerance and respect, sustainable development, and protecting the environment.

Mr John O’Keeffe, President of Diageo Africa offered an outstanding presentation on the business ties between Ireland and Commonwealth countries, with particular emphasis on the trade and cultural links between Diageo and Nigeria.

He spoke of the many future business, economic, and social opportunities that exist for Ireland in developing further associations with the Commonwealth. Fine Gael Cllr Patrick Meade also took time to speak to the large gathering.

Cllr Meade addressed the important community and commercial links between Ireland and nations within the Commonwealth. He added that such bonds are especially important for rural and agricultural businesses in Ireland, with a recognition of the need for new markets and international relationships following Brexit.

It was also noted that the Vice-Chair of the British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly, Irish Senator Frank Feighan, was once again providing strong Irish representation at the Commonwealth Day events in London.

Over 70% of Irish-born people living abroad reside in countries that are members of the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth provides opportunities for people, governments and institutions across a global association of nations that connect and cooperate on various levels though far-reaching and deep-rooted networks of friendship and goodwill.

This year’s theme for the Commonwealth is ‘A Connected Commonwealth’, and such values, opportunities, and objectives are fundamentally shared with Ireland’s international priorities. RCS Ireland wish to thank the Nigerian Ambassador and her staff for hosting this year’s successful event.


RCS Ireland Team