Sean O’Grady “The Commonwealth is liberal, lefty and more needed than ever” The Independent


Sean O’Grady “The Commonwealth is liberal, lefty and more needed than ever” The Independent


“…..And so it is a small force for good in a fractured world, and its informal, loose, soft diplomacy may well achieve some results. In recent years the Commonwealth has set its bounds wider still and wider, accepting nations with little or no colonial link to Britain – Mozambique, Cameroon and Rwanda and maybe more. Burma, Ireland and Palestine would surely be welcome, too…..”


Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting Malta 2015 draws to a close

Prime Minister of Malta, Hon. Dr. Joseph Muscat expressed his satisfaction at how Commonwealth leaders have managed to converge and agree almost unanimously on the issue of climate change as well as migration. He also stated that despite the differences between Commonwealth countries’ points of view, CHOGM Malta 2015 was evidence of how constructive conversations can occur. “Silence has never helped anyone in changing and getting things to change”, he remarked. Finally, Muscat also thanked all those involved in the organisation of this high-profile event.

President of Kenya, HE Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta stated that the topics discussed during this Commonwealth meeting are not solely concerns for Commonwealth countries but of the entire globe with peace and security issues at the forefront along with climate change. He also commended the way young people were given ample space to put forward their suggestions on such important global issues.

HE Baron Waqa, President of Nauru said that this was a gathering of some of the biggest, smallest, wealthiest and poorest nations and although it might be intimidating discussing certain concepts with countries larger than one’s own, all of the nations have the ability to play their part. He also noted that ‘The issue of Climate Change should not be hijacked by the occurrences during the last few weeks’.

Ghanaian President, HE John Dramani Mahama noted that the Valletta Summit on Migration and CHOGM Malta 2015 dovetail into each other. There is a lot that we can learn from this Commonwealth Meeting mainly how we can increase cooperation and embrace the values of good governance and democracy.

RT Hon. Jerome Stuart, Prime Minister of Barbados, described how this meeting reinforced the relevance of the Commonwealth. He emphasised how as a citizen of the Caribbean region, climate change is one of his main concerns. He noted that ‘when the planet speaks, we have no choice but to listen. And the planet is speaking to us with certain eloquence’.

Finally, outgoing Secretary General HE Kamalesh Sharma recounted this as a ‘memorable and water-shed CHOGM with the Commonwealth establishing an ambitious threshold for the coming years and a force creating global good’.