Launch of RCS Ireland 17 April 2015

Press Statement: 17 April  2015
The founding members of the Dublin Branch of the Royal Commonwealth Society,  are pleased to announce the opening of a new branch of the Society in Dublin on April 17th 2015. This will be the 78th branch of the Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS). The opening occasion is being attended by the following:
Lord Mayor Christy Burke, Lord Mayor of Dublin
His Excellency Dominick Chilcott, British Ambassador to Ireland
Rt. Hon. Lord Howell of Guildford, President of the RCS
Rt. Hon. Lord Rana, MBE, Baron of Malone, Co. Antrim, Honorary Indian Consul to N. Ireland
Mr. Michal Lake, CBE, Director of the RCS
Mr. Trevor Ringland, MBE, N. Irish Solicitor, former Irish International Rugby Player and Politician
Several Ambassadors to Ireland from Commonwealth countries
Invited Guests
Commenting on the Opening of the new Branch, the President of the Royal Commonwealth Society, Lord Howell said:
“The request for a new branch of the RCS in Dublin will serve as a visible link to the millions of people of Irish descent living in states throughout the Commonwealth, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of Commonwealth citizens residing in Ireland.
The Irish Branch of the RCS will seek to promote exciting opportunities for trade, culture, human rights, international peace, democracy, sustainable development,  and friendship between Ireland and the 53 countries that make up the Commonwealth of Nations, 32 of which are republics.”
Press Contact and for interview requests
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